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Lana's Big 8 Pre-Game Listing Services


things we can do to get your home ready to sell

By Lana Wienstroer


Selling a home is often looked at as a game or competition. In any competition, teams will prepare before a match. Coaches will put all the pieces in place by formulating a strategy so that each Individual player is on the same page. When it comes to helping you sell your home, I take the same approach!


Together we can prepare and develop a strategy that best fits you, ensure that we are on the same page, and formulate a WINNING game plan!

Prior to listing your home I can conduct a site survey of your property and offer solutions that will make your home attractive to potential buyers.


I call this my Pre-Game Check-Up!


My techniques are proven to increase a buyer’s curiosity, maximize a home's list price, and helps to sell a home faster. I offer the same techniques to all of my sellers and I would love to demonstrate this by helping you sell your home! And in the process we will find your new home in a neighborhood that best fits your family.

Call me today so we can start on your very own personalized Game Plan!

Look at the competition

I can provide a comprehensive look into what other homes are going for and we'll compare price-per-square-foot.

Get rid of the clutter

People like to imagine themselves in your home and if your home is messy then they see themselves living in an uncomfortable space. I can come in and offer solutions that ensure your home is well-kept and clutter-free!

Clean the house from top to bottom

I employ a fabulous cleaning-crew that can come in and make your home sparkle! Now when a family is looking at your home they will only see a friendly, inviting place they can see themselves in.

Clean up the yard & flowerbeds

Curb-appeal is a real thing! Many people will not get out of their car if their first impression is a negative one. A well-manicured lawn and tidy flowerbed will often lead to an appointment to see your home. I work alongside many fantastic lawn service companies who's job it is to make your landscape neat and presentable.

Pre-inspection report

This is the last step before photos and/or drone footage are produced. I can visit with you and survey your home and create a check-list of things that need to be done before I show your home.

Premium photos and drone video shoot

If you want maximum impact, then you have to have quality photos of your home.

I work with some of the best photographers and videographers in the area who can present your home in the best light. Take a look!

Dazzling Footage
Play Video

Social Media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Zillow)

It's important to advertise your property using the most relevant social media platforms. I can create for you Facebook and Instagram posts using high-caliber graphics and videos that will get your property noticed. Take a look at what I created for a client in OKC:

  • Facebook - Black Circle
  • Instagram - Black Circle

Check out my Facebook and Instagram posts!

Open house!

Opening your home to prospective buyers is very important. Pictures are great, but buyers are more apt to buy when they see the home in person. So when the time comes for buyers to see your home, I can make sure your home is show-ready.

By showing your home in the best light possible, you're simply giving buyers a glimpse of their future, the excitement of new beginnings, and to get them to imagine themselves in their new dream home. 


All of the services I offer go along way in showing buyers you care and want them to experience what made your home so special.

I hope you will give me a call so I can prepare a game plan for you. If we present your home in the best light I may be able to create a post for you that looks something like this:

All my best to you and your family!


Your Friend in Real Estate.

Pre-Game Check-Up

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To speak with me please call or email.

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