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Selling Your Home

If you are selling your home this will be a significant change in your life. I will walk you through each step and together we will make the best decision for your family.


I have knowledge and insight to maximize how buyers perceive your home. 

Using quality photography I will show your property in the most honest and flattering light using the best marketing tools available. I believe this is the best approach to bring qualified buyers to your door. Also, because of my honest, transparent approach to selling, buyers are at ease as I give them an accurate assessment of their property.


I would enjoy the opportunity to sell your home.

"You are the window through which you see the world."

- George Bernard Shaw

Lana Wienstroer curly-cue

Contact Me

To speak with me please call or email.

Broker information:

LW Realty Group, LLC

405.778.0323 (Office)

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